Jacob Reviews….Tempest by Bob Dylan

  By: Jacob Elyachar One of the greatest singer-songwriters of all-time is the legendary Bob Dylan. Through his brilliant lyrics and music, Dylan has bridged the gap between multiple generations to become an inspiring force in the music business. After 11 Grammys, an Oscar, a Golden Globe and being honored by the Kennedy Center, Dylan […]

Jacob Reviews…The Dark Knight Rises

By: Jacob Elyachar Warning! Spoilers to follow… Christopher Nolan ends his Batman franchise on a high note with the Dark Knight Rises.  Taken place eight years after the events of the Dark Knight, moviegoers will find that Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) has become a recluse after his traumatic life-changing battles with the Joker (the late […]

New Music Tuesday-Week of June 17, 2012

By: Jacob Elyachar I hope everyone had a great time with his or her dads on Father’s Day.  Now this post-Father’s Day edition of New Music Tuesday will provide you a soundtrack for the longest day in the year: the Summer Solstice, which will happen tomorrow.   In this edition, I will review the latest studio […]

Jacob Reviews….Spider-Men #1

By: Jacob Elyachar This year marks Spider-Man’s 50th birthday and what better way to celebrate a big milestone than to have an awesome animated series, new movie dropping in July and moving closer to celebrate the 700th issue of Amazing Spider-Man.   In addition to all of the previously mentioned activities, the House of Ideas […]

New Music Tuesday-Week of June 4, 2012

By: Jacob Elyachar New Music Tuesday is back with a new edition of music reviews! This version will review the Rock of Ages soundtrack, the new Beach Boys album, Whitney Houston’s final song that she recorded before her death and hot singles from Sean Kingston and American Idol alum Casey Abrams. Rock of Ages (2012 […]

Jacob Reviews….The Avengers

By: Jacob Elyachar Many thought that the Avengers film would not take off or bomb in box office.  But naysayers were proved wrong with this impeccable movie. So here’s the basic plot of the Avengers: Thor (Chris Hemsworth)’s evil half-brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) was charged by an alien race to prepare for an invasion of […]

Jacob Reviews…Avengers vs. X-Men: Round One

By: Jacob Elyachar   Warning! This article contains spoilers!   At 8:00 p.m. yesterday, comic book stores across the country released the highly anticipated first issue of Marvel’s biggest event of the year: Avengers vs. X-Men.     After months of hype through numerous Web sites and pop culture conventions, readers purchased the first issue of […]

Jacob Reviews….Big Miracle

This edition of Jacob Reviews focuses on the historical drama Big Miracle, based on the 1989 Tom Rose book, Freeing the Whales, which focuses on 1988’s Operation Breakthrough, an international exertion to save three California gray whales, which were trapped in Alaskan ice. Despite its two-hour and three-minute time length, this film is an incredible […]

Jacob Reviews…Red Tails

This site has tackled numerous historical films in the past couple of months.  Some had featured brilliant acting performances like Meryl Streep in the Iron Lady or contained a brilliantly structured screenplay similar to Moneyball.  Unfortunately, Red Tails had neither.   In this edition of Jacob Reviews, I will discuss why the film had some success […]

Jacob Interviews…Hurrdat Social Media’s CMO Austin Brown

  In the past two years, a start-up company Hurrdat Social Media has seen tremendous growth as it has worked with 45 different clients in numerous parts of the world.  This author had a chance to talk to the company’s Chief Marketing Officer Austin Brown to talk about the company’s formation, its’ signature strategy: Hyper […]

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