Catastrophe Theory and Its Applications

Catastrophe Theory and Its Applications

Book Title: Catastrophe Theory and Its Applications

Author: Peter Timothy Saunders

Format: Paperback | 491 pages

Publication Date: 29 Feb 2012

ISBN-13: 9780486692715

This first integrated treatment of the main ideas behind René Thom's theory of catastrophes aims to make them accessible to scientists wishing to apply the theory in their own fields of research. The mathematical basis of the theory is therefore explained with a minimum of technicalities, although some knowledge of the calculus of variables is assumed.
Thom's now-famous list of seven elementary catastrophes, broadly classifying various types of discontinuous change, is elucidated, as are the reasons for its appearance. Nearly half the book concentrates on detailed applications of the theory, emphasizing its uses in the physical sciences where applications can be made quantitative and can be experimentally verified. The more controversial and speculative applications to areas in the social sciences are also mentioned, but not discussed in detail.
Over 200 illustrations help clarify the ideas and applications in this volume, which will be of interest to researchers and postgraduate students in such diverse disciplines as engineering, mathematics, physics, and biology. 1978 edition. Bibliography.