Book Title: Cricket

Author: Ian Pont

Format: Paperback | 184 pages

Publication Date: 01 Mar 2010

ISBN-13: 9780736078733

"Cricket: Steps to Success" contains progressive instruction for comprehensive coverage of individual skills, techniques and the fundamentals of team play. With "Cricket: Steps to Success", the reader will learn the proper techniques of batting, bowling, fielding and wicket-keeping. Through clear, detailed instruction, full-colour photos and illustrations and 71 of the game's best drills, players will develop each skill and identify and correct common flaws in technique, assess their abilities and gauge progress. Once the fundamentals have been mastered, the book takes them onto the field and into the game. From the roles and responsibilities of each position to the essentials of team play, they'll be prepared for every situation on the pitch. If their team are ready to master the game of cricket, rely on this one resource proven to make a difference. "Cricket: Steps to Success" is part of the popular "Steps to Success" series with more than 1.5 million copies sold and is the guide to winning play.