Building Resilience at Work

Building Resilience at Work

Book Title: Building Resilience at Work

Author: Kathryn Jackson

Format: Paperback | 148 pages

Publication Date: 01 Jul 2011

ISBN-13: 9781921513831

Resilience - the human capacity to bounce back from adversity and to thrive under pressure - is critical in today's workplace. Facing higher workloads, declining resources, frequent organisational change, and a hectic personal life, many workers feel they are in a battle of survival everyday. Building and maintaining resilience at work is crucial. Resilient people are more optimistic, adaptable and independent. They are also better at solving problems, have sound levels of self-control, and find it easier to rebound from setbacks while adapting well to change and pressure. Drawing on her considerable professional experience as well as a wealth of psychological theory and practice, psychologist Kathryn McEwen presents this practical and easy-to-read self-help guide to building resilience at work.